Out Standing Projects

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Financing Projects

Shayegan’s work is not limited to the construction of the project but also works in urban development on Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Financing basis and divers activities of the holding companies guarantees flawless execution of the projects. Fereshteh Palace Residence is the latest example of Shayegan’s activities on EPCF basis.

Urban development projects: buildings and industrial plants, residential, office and commercial projects

To create Shayegan’s modern urban projects, specialists in different areas share their points of view to develop the desired infrastructures and sustainable development using the latest technologies. 21st century urban development demands for adapting the needs of future with today’s technologies and thus, commitment to precise leadership and smart investment.

Some of Out Standing Projects:

Transportation infrastructures: roads, bridges, railways, tunnels

Expansion of the transportation system is essential for economic growth. With considerable background of completed projects, Shayegan is now one of the most respected civil contractors of Iran.

Sustainable development projects: intelligent buildings; clean and renewable energies

Sustainable development is one of the company’s greatest values in the modern urban world with utilizing state of the art technologies, while taking into account the needs of future.

Water resource projects: Paths and irrigation canals, Water treatment plants

Creating infrastructure is not just about building roads and bridges. It also involves bringing electric power, means of communication and transportation to people and providing clean water for agricultural growth.